I see this site, together with my book “Spirited Nature”, as a springboard- as a resource.  There is little or no commentary from me.   It is my belief that we are all learning all of the time- and the best way for most of us to learn is by doing….experiential learning.  Learning through experience.

There is nobody in this world who has “all the answers”; there are some who make out that they do.  However, we can usually learn something from others- even if that something is about ourselves and our reactions to those others and what they say and do.  

This site is intended to provide a small impetus to anyone who might have a glimmer of interest in “things spiritual”.  And what a vast subject that is.  So I limit myself to things I have experienced and/or know a little about.  It is up to each individual to take away whatever they can/want from reading what I write and from following the links.  We each have our own paths- even if we are journeying part of the way with others.  Maybe this site can point you in a particular direction.  If you read something that intrigues you, follow it up.

I am no expert, nor anyone more special than you.  But my experiences are unique to me- and maybe as a result of my journey you can find a short-cut or a more scenic route or a hidden valley or make a U turn or…who knows….?  

For everything that lives is holy (William Blake)

The spark of the divine (whatever that may be to each of us) is within every living being- every human being is of unique worth.

We are all connected.

Everything – material and esoteric; natural and man-made; of this world and of other worlds; animate and inanimate; consciousness and unconsciousness; thoughts and emotions; stars and mountains; music and numbers; words and pictures…everything has a vibration.  The frequencies of some of these vibrations overlap, so it is possible for us to “tune in” to vibrations of other things.

Humans are spiritual beings with the privilege of living on the material world we call Earth; we are all learning about what it is to be human.  Our lessons continue after physical death- the body is only a vehicle for the soul and spirit.

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