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A super-8mm recording, converted.  Taken at Longleat Safari Park in 1968 when I drove their “Dragon Boat” and  the Bath Boating Co. boat for visitors to see the chimps and hippos.  I rode a hippo.  This got me  extra tips. (Not least of which was, “Don’t do it again- it’s dangerous”!)

A TV recording- Anglia ITV local news.  It’s their item on the book launch with Ruth Rendell and Barbara Machin….and the team of school-children who wrote, “Defy the Foul Fiend”

My home cctv recording of a badger on the lawn in my front garden one night.  Holes had appeared and I wondered what was causing them. This is the evidence.  I asked the badgers to stop- they did…but moved to my neighbour’s lawn instead.  

The video commissioned by The Arts Council of Great Britain, in 1991, to be used as part of a training pack for school governors on “Valuing The Arts”.  The school where I was then Head of English are featured, along with Barbara Machin and the writing group.